Epsom calfskin leather watch straps – Peach Orange – Silicone lining

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Watch Straps Buckle – Single Tongue – Silver

Watch Straps Buckle – Single Tongue – Silver

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We ship worldwide <br> Freeship to US

We ship worldwide
Freeship to US

1-year Guarantee on manufacturer's defects

1-year Guarantee on manufacturer's defects

Exchange & Returns in 7 days <br> No questions asked

Exchange & Returns in 7 days
No questions asked

2 Free conditionings within the first 2 years

2 Free conditionings within the first 2 years

All-new sweat-proof handmade leather watch straps!

  • Medical-grade Silicon leather as lining for 99% sweatproof, safe for skin, and easy to clean.
  • Epsom leather from European tanneries.
  • Hand-sewn for extra durability and aesthetic look.
  • 3-4 layers of construction.
  • Conform to our wrist on the first try. No break-in period.
  • Customizable sizes for different watches.

Da thuộc Epsom được sử dụng bởi Heritela

We import Epsom calfskin from famous tanneries in France and Germany. You may have heard about Haas, Weinheimer, or D’Annonay. They are among the main suppliers for luxury fashion brands like Hermes.

The name “Epsom”, in fact, represents the shapes of the pattern embossed on this type of leather. Oftentimes, tanneries would cover the top layer of leather with a nice layer of protection. This layer gives the leather a high ability to resist water, scratches, and dust. Also, the protective layer is able to seal the color for a very long time. Unlike traditional cowhide which will age and develop a patina over time, Epsom leather tends to preserve the original color. Since first introduced in 2003, Epsom leather has developed into a swatch of 40+ colors available in the market.

*Warning: Due to its popularity, there is a lot of fake and low-quality Epsom leather in the market. The best advice is to shop at reputable places with the proper warranty and price. We hope your next beautiful Epsom leather goods will stay with you for decades!

99% Sweat resistant

You can spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of luxury straps. But it will be so sad that you have to throw them away because of the rotten, dirty, and stink lining (backing).

Our watch straps use medical-grade Silicon leather as the backing. The material is 100% water-proof, super soft, safe for the skin, and easy to clean using popular detergents. It is tested, by the manufacturer, to last at least 5 years.

As we are speaking today, we are among the first ones to succeed in utilizing silicone leather with watch straps. If our straps get rotten, dirty (that can’t be cleaned), and stink within our warranty period, we will refund all your money. One thing to keep in mind is that the finished leather watch bands will have holes for the buckles and stitches. Therefore, the straps are still subject to water damage from excessive exposure to water. It is highly recommended to clean the backside of the straps frequently.

99% Sweat-proof leather watch straps by Heritela

Silicon leather compliance by Heritela

Conform to your wrist right on the first try!

Usually, a new pair of leather watch straps are quite stiff. It will take about 1 to 2 weeks of regular usage for the straps to get softer and conform perfectly to the shape of your wrist. We call it the “break-in” phase of leather. As leather enthusiasts, we don’t like that.

After many trials and errors, we’ve found the best materials and more importantly, the best structure to build the straps. Our leather straps come out soft and highly flexible. While the flexibility is not the same across all our straps, it will take from 0 to only a few hours for the straps to complete their learning phase.

The secret lies in how we craft the straps with 3-4 layers of high-quality leather and reinforcements. However, we only apply 4 layers where the straps tend to break and stretch the most.

Hand-sewn with heart

All our straps are made by artisans with at least 5 years of experience. So, you will see that the stitches, edge paint, and bonding areas are very carefully done. Also, the straps have to pass our Quality Checklist with 15 -18 criteria before arriving at your doorstep.

While human errors are inevitable, we try to avoid them as much as we can by proper processes.

Luxury gift box available

Designed for you to surprise your loved ones, the gift box with luxury velveteen and extra length is capable of including a watch face and a pair of watch straps. A beautiful heart should come with a beautiful box!

Please mention your gift box request in your order and we will assist you right away.

Luxury giftbox for watch straps by Heritela

Worry-free warranty

All Heritela’s products are under a 1 to 2-year guarantee on manufacturer defects including leather pop and crack, losing bonding, paint, and stitches. After the guarantee period ends, we will give up to a 30% discount for the fixes. We will also give a discount to fix your leather goods even if you did not buy them from us. Learn more about the Warranty & Returns policies here.

As we have no doubt about the quality of our products, we will stand behind them throughout their lifespan. If you face any issues, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Sewn type Hand-sewn
Padding type No padding
Upper leather Epsom calfskin
Lining Sweat-proof Silicone leather
Included accesssories Stainless steel single tongue buckle, spring bars, and Apple Watch adapters (on request)
Origin Vietnam
Customizable Yes
by Le Duong

These straps will go a long way with me I guess. Very comfortable and tough. I can feel!

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by Tu Nghiem

The color match is perfect!

Photos by customers

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Last updated: 2 Jul 2022


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