Heritela is an innovative leather goods brand based in the capital of Vietnam. We specialize in leather watch bands that are 99% sweat-proof and super soft. For years, we are committed to delivering the most beautiful, durable, and fashionable leather crafts to the world.

Heritela giới thiệu

The story

Chris Pham, the founder of Heritela, loved to wear his watch every day to work. However, he was upset with the overall durability of the straps, especially for people with sweaty wrists like him. After a lot of experiments, he and his associates successfully found the solution and started to disrupt the industry. There goes Heritela – Leather goods made by the finest hands.

Heritela giới thiệu
Heritela giới thiệu

The future

As we are speaking, Heritela is a fully legal registered business with the local government. The brand name and its logo are legally protected by the law of the local government, via the Trade Mark rules and regulations. As we aim to level up the game of leather enthusiasts like you worldwide, we have to do everything properly from the beginning. Along with the superior quality of Heritela’s products, we are also committed to exceptional customer service.

At Heritela, you can buy with confidence.


Why us

7-day money back with Heritela

7-day money back

Return/Exchange or Refund within 7 days of the receipt. No questions asked.
Freeship international with Heritela

Worldwide shipping

Enjoy freeship to US! For the rest of the world, a part of the shipping cost is already paid by us.
Extended Warranty with Heritela

2-year warranty

We believe in the quality of our products, and stand behind them.

Customize your next watch straps

Select your desired leather type & color, threads, edge paint and unique shapes of your straps. We will consult you for FREE until you are satisfied with the option. Just tell us anything that you have in mind and we will work it out together.
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