99% Sweat Proof Watch Straps

The 1st of its kind. Our watch straps utilized medical-grade silicon leather as the backing. 99% water-proof, non-allergic & soft as baby skin.

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Watch Straps

100% sweat-proof. Soft as baby skin. Fit right to your wrist on the first try.

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Customize your next leather watch straps

We can customize your leather watch straps as per your choices of upper leather type & colors, thread colors, edge paints and especially, the shapes of the straps. Let your imagination come to live!

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Ms. Lam I work at an office so there's no need to be complicated. I think the straps are just about right.

Ms. Duyen I heard that the color is quit limited so it took a while to find my favourite color. It looks quite classy too.

Mr. Long Lizard leather is quite crisp. But they are so durable and have a good sheen.

Mr. Hoang Anh My watch was a gift a long time ago. The lugs are a bit unusual but Heritela got the right sizing and fit for me. Wonderful!


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7-day money back

7-day money back

Return/Exchange or Refund within 7 days of the receipt. No questions asked.

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

Enjoy freeship to US! For the rest of the world, a part of the shipping cost is already paid by us.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

Most of our products come with standard 1 to 2 years of warranty

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Silicone leather

Pros and Cons of Silicone leather for watch straps lining

From a glance, silicone leather is no different from genuine leather. However, silicone leather has proven to be more efficient in prevent damages from sweat.

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